To create a personalized holistic Ayurvedic Wellness Plan, I take into account all of the factors that affect your health to find the root cause of any imbalance you might be experiencing.

How it Works

This program consists of 5 one on one sessions.

The first session is a 90-minute personal and confidential consultation to determine your unique mind-body type, called a dosha. During this consultation, your lifestyle and health history is reviewed, including physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual state for a complete evaluation. Based on this assessment, I will create an Ayurvedic Wellness Plan that is personalized and sustainable.

This Plan can include recommendations to reset your gut by teaching you:

foods that are best for you

proper food combinations

healthy eating habits

The Plan also provides guidance on:


stress relief

emotional healing

herbal supplements

rejuvenation therapies

massage techniques



breathing techniques and more

These recommendations will be given in the remaining 4 sessions. My purpose is to empower you by guiding you in revitalizing your life through simple yet powerful ayurvedic practices so you gain control of your well-being.

Are online visits similar to an in-person appointment?

Due to COVID-19, the sessions are available on Skype or the phone, but you will receive the same quality of care as you would with an in-person session. After the first 5 session program, if needed, we can schedule follow up appointments to continue to support you in revitalizing your life.

Consultations can be held in either English or Español. Our programs are sustainable thanks to the method we use. FourS™, Simple, Small, Slow, and Steady.

Purpose of the Ayurvedic Wellness Plan

As an Ayurvedic Health Counselor, my goal is to share this ancient wisdom with you. You will understand your own body and optimize your health. You will acquire the knowledge and practices to pay attention and respond to imbalanced signs within your body. Once you learn how to balance your specific body type, you will never need another health coach again!

You will receive a manageable health plan, realistic, work with your lifestyle, and targets the root cause of any imbalance you might be experiencing.


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    " During my Ayurvedic sessions, I discovered the cause of my digestive issues. By changing the spices in my diet, my digestion and mood improved. I feel calm now. It was a significant change for me as eating spicy food is part of my culture; I didn't how much it was affecting my gut. I am thankful I completed the Ayurvedic program."

    -C. H.

    "The program was so great in helping me to be attentive to the food I eat. I now take everything I eat very seriously which is helping me to feel lighter and healthier. Thank you for your amazing support."


    "I learned through my consultations with Melisa to be aware of myself, emotions and surroundings to understand my present state and make educated decisions knowing the actual estate of my doshas."

    -J. A.

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