Kapha, Letting Go Of Attachment

For people predominately Kapha, letting go of attachment is key to finding balance. The primary function of Kapha is to protect and maintain the cells that form bones, fat, muscle, and tendons. This dosha governs the structure of the body. When in balance, people with this constitution are calm, sweet, quiet, stable, and reliable. Earth and Water combine to create this dosha, and it’s the dosha that supports us when we need stability and rest.


People who are predominantly Kapha have a medium or large body type and their bone structure is dense and firm. They usually have broad shoulders and hips; their body expresses solidity and stability. They have thicker skin than the other doshas. Their skin is oily, their hair is shiny, and they have large eyes and lips.

Individuals predominantly Kapha have regular digestion and can sleep deeply. If this dosha is imbalanced, they will experience weight gain, fluid retention, and allergies. Also, the person may experience asthma, depression, diabetes, and overeating.


Kaphas are present, have the gift of service, and enjoy doing small gestures for others.

The metabolism in Kaphas is slow, making them feel heavier mentally and making it harder for them to start new endeavors. Kaphas need to be active in their mind and body. When forced to make an unwanted change, they can become imbalanced. Although it is not easy for Kaphas to make changes, once they embrace a change, they can accomplish what they need. 



When a person is predominately Kapha, they can feel stuck. Everything they love becomes an attachment, such as their house, job, people, and food. Feeling this way can lead to illness. For people predominately Kapha, letting go of attachment is recommended to finding balance. Kaphas should avoid napping during the day and exercise regularly, choosing strenuous and challenging workouts.  


The diet for Kaphas must include foods that stimulate the digestive and metabolic systems. It is recommended that they eat a larger meal at lunchtime and a smaller meal at dinnertime and to allow at least three hours for digestion before going to bed. Kaphas benefit from eating foods that are light, dry, and hot. Drinking hot ginger tea during all meals is recommended as it stimulates the digestive system

Pungent, bitter, astringent tasting foods benefit this dosha. Eating kitchari is an excellent way to start improving health and digestion.

In general, Kapha is balanced by staying in motion and doing activities that leave them feeling energized.

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