Healthy Routines And Creativity In Vata

Vata manages the body’s essential functions, such as the nervous system, respiratory system, mind, and the process of elimination. One of the characteristics of this dosha is the love for change and movement. The individual with a predominantly Vata constitution enjoys participating in different activities simultaneously.

Healthy routines and creativity in Vata show that you are in balance. In balance, Vata predominant people are friendly, energetic, and creative. Air and Space combine to create this Vata and its the dosha (mind-body type) that supports our creativity.


A Vata body is slim; bones, tendons, and veins are visible. Since this dosha is made from the element of air, the skin, lips, hair, and eyes are frequently dry. The joints of the Vata individuals creak, and their feet and hands are cold most of the time. 

Vata’s energy level is variable, they can be energetic one moment and feel exhausted the next. A person of Vata constitution is a light sleeper and their digestion is variable with dry or liquid elimination. When this dosha loses balance, the individual loses weight, can have arthritis, constipation, asthma, and heart problems, among other issues.


A Vata person in balance learns fast, comes up with original ideas, is creative, enthusiastic, and passionate. Vatas feel they should be doing something they aren’t doing, and for this reason, it is challenging for them to be present and patient. When unbalanced, they are impulsive, anxious, and experience problems with sleep.



Too much movement and overstimulation, of either the body or mind, puts Vata out of balance. Feelings like fear or exhaustion can also cause an imbalance in this dosha.

Vatas benefit from working on the tendency to worry and acquire the habit of being more present. Healthy routines and creativity in Vata dosha lead to balance. Being consistent with a schedule helps to achieve that. To bring balance, it is also important to meditate and take breaks multiple times per day. This will bring calm, stability, and consistency to their lives.


When Vatas are unbalanced, they benefit from foods that have healthy fats or oils like ghee, cooked vegetables, and hot meals. It is also suggested they include sweet, salty, and acidic flavors into their diet and reduce the consumption of bitter foods. Adding sugars and oils to the diet can cause weight gain, so use them in moderation. Eating kitchari is an excellent way to start improving health and digestion.

In general, Vata is balanced by being present and creative.

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