Burn Out And Competitiveness In Pitta

Burn out and competitiveness in Pitta contributes to stress. The primary function of Pitta is to transform. This Dosha controls digestion, metabolism, and produces energy. Pitta digests food, thoughts, and ideas, and helps us to adapt to the constant changes of life. Fire and Water combine to create this dosha, and its the dosha that supports us with action.

This is the most active dosha.  They work and play hard, this causes an imbalance as they overwork their bodies and minds without noticing it.

Pittas can say and do mean things when they are hungry. They also tend to lose their temper quickly. They are very reactive and can be hurtful with their words and then act as if nothing happened.


The body of an individual Pitta is strong, athletic, and has stable body weight. Their skin is sensitive and irritates easily; it’s prone to acne, rashes, and sunburns. Pittas are beautiful by western cultural standards. They have proportionate bodies and beautiful faces.

Pittas sleep deeply, but with too much on their mind, they may suffer from interrupted sleep or become restless. 

If aggravated, Pittas may suffer from hair loss, ulcers, heartburn, and indigestion. Their challenge is mastering impulses of the mind.


In balance, the individual Pitta is a leader who is brave and can transform their world by making it more efficient. They enjoy learning and have a great ability to concentrate. 

Pittas are compassionate, understanding, sensitive, warm, and determined. These are great qualities, but they get easily irritated when they are under pressure. That’s why Pittas need to learn to manage their competitiveness. It can lead them to feeling burned out and stressed.

Being in love creates instability for an individual Pitta because they see love as a vulnerability. Pitta individuals must connect with their hearts, take relaxing breaks during the day, and learn to ask for forgiveness. They can say hurtful things when they are angry.



Competitiveness and burn out in Pitta contribute to stress; this is why Pittas must spend time in nature or near a water source to cool down their intensity. The competitive nature of this Dosha benefits from engaging in cooling and relaxing physical activities, like Hatha yoga. Another thing that will help them manage stress is to avoidskipping meals. Pittas need to eat when they are hungry, or they will quickly lose their temper.


The mind and body are overheated when Pitta is out of balance. Consider consuming foods that are refreshing and that taste sweet, acidic, or bitter to bring balance. They also benefit from reducing or avoiding the consumption of spicy, sour, and salty flavors. It is best to cook with sunflower or coconut oil, as they are cooling. Eating Kitchari is an excellent way to start improving health and digestion.

In general, acting with moderation in all aspects of life balances Pitta.

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