Ayurveda, My Journey To Wellness

Hi, My name is Melisa Moreno. I am an Ayurvedic Health coach. I founded Origin of Type to share tools on how to live a more balanced life. My journey to wellness started in October 2017 after having multiple panic attacks. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I didn’t accept the diagnosis, nor did I take the medications my doctors prescribed to relieve the symptoms. Instead, I felt motivated to start a path of self-knowledge and self-healing. While on this journey I discovered Ayurveda and signed up for an Ayurvedic Health program.

My goal was to learn more about it and see if it had the answers to get me back to living my life as I knew it. Little did I know that leading an ayurvedic lifestyle was going to transform me. It helped me reconnect with myself, bring me balance, and ultimately realize my purpose in life. In this post, I share why Ayurveda is my journey to wellness.

How is Ayurveda changing me

Through my courses, I found that Ayurveda could help me get a clearer understanding of the symptoms I was experiencing. From day one I became aware of some of the causes of my imbalance. As I continued my studies, I learned about the Doshas that needed my attention. Doshas, in Ayurveda, are the types of biological energies we have that determine how we react to the world around and inside us; it’s our blueprint. Sometimes these Doshas go out of balance. Our environment, routines, food choices, and lifestyle play a significant role in achieving or losing our balance. 

Since I started living an Ayurvedic lifestyle many things have changed: I regained control of my life, I no longer feel depressed, I don’t experience fatigue or brain fog, I don’t have negative symptoms before or during my period, my digestion and sleep have improved, and I am not afraid of leaving my house anymore. Ayurveda is my journey to wellness. The more I practice ayurvedic principles, the more I notice other areas of my life improve. 

Ayurvedic lifestyle

Leading an ayurvedic lifestyle is personalized self-care for the physical body, mind and spirit. Physical exercises, dinacharya (daily healthy routines), activities, herbs, and consumption of proper foods are among the Ayurvedic practices I follow that help with my recovery. These practices have helped me so much that I decided to share Ayurveda with others. That is why I became an Ayurvedic Health Counselor.

My goal as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor is to support you in creating an ideal lifestyle that will allow you to bring wellness and connectedness into your life.

Ayurveda can also be your personal journey to wellness.

My favorite Ayurvedic routine (so far)

I don’t have just one. I have found many daily habits that I like to do in the morning. The quiet of mornings makes it an ideal time to meditate, massage with healing oil that nurtures my body, and practice Pranayama (breathing techniques). Morning is the time of day when I’m focused solely on myself. It’s my time for self-care, healing, and reflection.

Bilingual Practice

I was born and raised in Colombia, moved to California almost two decades ago, so I am bilingual with an awesome accent. This allows me to conduct workshops and provide Ayurvedic consultations in both English and Español.


My background is in graphic design and project management in the medical device field. Aside from designing, I love to draw and take pictures. Some of the drawings, photography, including the logo on this website and social media, are ones I created. I try to write as often as I can; writing is therapeutic for me. I also have a passion for reading. I’m typically reading four books at the same time and still find it challenging to resist buying new ones.

It is all about the food

I am a nutrition aficionado. I studied Nutrition and Sports Nutrition at Shawn Academy of Ireland. Besides applying the knowledge for my health, I wanted to find a way to share with my community all the information I learned. Now, as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor, it is more evident to me that to achieve a healthier life, we need a balanced and personalized diet.


Yoga plays an essential role in my life. I am proud to say that I recently completed my 200th yoga class! I started practicing yoga when I learned in one of my Ayurvedic lessons the benefits it would bring to help manage anxiety and stress. Restorative, Yin Yang, and Hatha are the types of yoga that have benefited me the most. Each person is unique. The kind of exercise that will support you in bringing balance to your life can easily be determined during an Ayurvedic consultation or during the Yoga and Ayurveda workshop I co-created with Ana Murphy.

Learning feeds me

I am deepening my studies on Ayurveda with doctor Vasant Lad. I am also studying for a postgraduate degree in BioNeuroEmotion. BioNeuroEmotion brings to my Ayurvedic practice more tools to help guide my clients to understand themselves. These tools allow them to recognize and redirect behaviors and beliefs that prevent them from taking action and controlling their experiences.

Unforgetable moments

Many moments have taken my breath away, but these are my top three:

  • The birth of my daughter
  • Seeing my first Van Gogh painting in person
  • Visiting the Grand Canyon

I was going to write ten things but let’s keep it a mystery for a while 😉 

My journey to wellness through Ayurveda has changed my life for the better. It has made such a positive impact that I am inspired to share my knowledge with others. I offer one on one consultations and also teach workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area, both in person and virtually.

Have a beautiful day!

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 “To be healthy, we must reconnect with all aspects of ourselves.”

Note: The information in this article is intended for your educational use only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition and before undertaking any diet, supplement, fitness, or other health programs.

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